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Southwest Data Products (SWDP) provides data and networking enclosure racking solutions that secure, store and contain network technology equipment. Our modular and integrated racking products work together and address virtually all network and data center needs.

Cabinet Systems

Contain and secure computer and data storage and network equipment with SWDP's wide range of Cabinets & Enclosure Systems

Wall and Ceiling Units

Open and enclosed Wall Mount Units provide a multitude of equipment mounting options and sizes where space is limited.

Aisle Containment

SWDP’s ADVANCE AISLE™ Containment System provides the most cost effective, easy to implement and site friendly total approach to achieve this positive separation in existing (retrofit) or new data center builds.

Cable Runway

Aisle Pathway Support Structures

SWDP’s ADVANCE AISLE™ Support Structure System provides the most cost effective, easy to implement and site friendly total approach to the traditional “cabinet- containment-pathway” step-by-step implementation by using a Modular, expandable, self-supporting support structure system.

2 and 4 Post Racks,
Rack Accessories
and Shelves

Our expandable 2 or 4-post racks are a strong & economical solution for mounting networking gear, patching products and cabling. We also manufacture various shelves and support products to handle all sizes, shapes of equipment.

Cable Runway

Cable Runway

SWDP's Cable Runway Products provide a time tested pathway solution for all cabling requirements. They are designed to manage, support and effectively allow expansion.

Cable Management Products

All of SWDP's cable management products are designed to meet ANSI / TIA / EIA installation guidelines for Cat 6a cabling and fiber in both vertical and horizontal cable management low and high density installations.

General Accessories

Data Center Cages

Data centers and colocation facilities often require access control in the white space. With millions of dollars of equipment and hundreds of millions of dollars of information at stake, SWDP’s cage product provides the needed and required security.

General Accessories

General Accesories

SWDP accessories compliment our entire product line by providing cooling, power, shelving and mobility options.