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Data Center Cages

SWDP’s Reconfigurable
Data Center Cages

Data centers and colocation facilities often require access control in the white space. With millions of dollars of equipment and hundreds of millions of dollars of information at stake, SWDP’s cage product provides the needed and required security.

Built with durability and ease of installation in mind, SWDP’s rugged Reconfigurable Data Center Cage System reduces installation costs, provides the ultimate flexibility in configurations and insures a secure trouble free build.

Our aggressive engineered approach reduces acquisition and installation costs, while providing the easily accomplished adds, moves and changes. We can custom design solutions to fit any site requirements. Our rapid manufacturing ability combined with our extensive inventory, insures you receive the best possible solution, rapidly and without the “premium” costs.

Reconfigurable Data Center Cages Features:

  • Provides secure Multi-Tenant Data Center (MTDC), colocation site and equipment room security
  • Our scalable and modular design provides easy re-configuration and expansion on site
  • Multiple standard height and widths
  • Ceiling systems to fully enclose the space
  • Wall mount options
  • Swinging, sliding and self-closing door options
  • “One way” hardware assembly (no nut-and-bolt)
  • Multiple door access control options include basic key locks, keypad locks, car readers, biometric scanners all with DCIM compatibility
  • Standard in-stock powder coated colors with custom color availability
  • Easy Configuration and Ordering: Contact SWDP’s design team. SWDP will create a design that fits your needs, create the design concept using your input and assign a single BOM number for ease of ordering.