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Advanced Aisle Pathway Support Structures

Agile and Scalable Data Center Structures


SWDP’s ADVANCED AISLE™ Support Structure System

The demand for rapidly scalable Data Center infrastructures has now been addressed using SWDP’s scalable, rapid deployable, budget friendly Support Structure System.

SWDP’s ADVANCE AISLE™ Support Structure System provides the most cost effective, easy to implement and site friendly total approach to the traditional “cabinet- containment-pathway” step-by-step implementation by using a Modular, expandable, self-supporting support structure system.

With SWDP’s modular approach, we factory pre-fabricate the entire structure, Containment and pathways to assemble on-site. This modular approach allows for a tremendous labor cost savings over the traditional methods.

We can custom design solutions to fit any site situation and of course, not only do you get the best possible solution, you get it fast and without the “premium” costs.

ADVANCED AISLE™ Pathway Support Structure Systems Features:

  • Integrated Hot or Cold Aisle Containment systems
  • Self-supporting structures tie only into the floor with no roof load
  • Typical 75% cost savings over traditional systems
  • Typical ROI of 12 months or less vs. traditional methods
  • Completely scalable and changeable in-center to meet any expansion or demand
  • Replicable designs can be implemented across multiple facilities
  • Accommodates “Rack & Roll” cabinet implementation process
  • Hot aisle to plenum lightweight cabinet supported vertical panels speed installation
  • Rapid manufacturing times insure availability that fits your needs